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A Grand Falls Tradition

"The Little Pizza House", now at home within "Le Grand Saut Ristorante," used to be a small, pizza-only takeout.

 It opened its doors in 1969 and has been one of Grand Falls favorite pizza restaurants ever since. 
The name "Grand Saut" is a play on words that means "big jump" reflecting that the restaurant has changed from one side of the street to the other and has grown from its small roots. It also reflects the name of the town where it resides "Grand-Sault." 
Most Grand Falls folks will be able to tell you of a special event that has taken place at "The Little Pizza House" or of how they looked forward to the famous Sunday special. 

The current owner tells a wonderful story of when her mother, Laureen Toner, went into the hospital to give birth to her youngest son, Steve. For the eight children left at home, this meant that Mom was not home to cook and Dad Brian solved the problem by buying "Little Pizza House" pizza for the children. For young children, there was not much better than that and Steve's birth became a cherished memory for more than one reason. 
The original "Little Pizza House" eventually evolved into a small restaurant with three tables with benches. To the delight of local high school students, who frequently came for lunch, the 6-inch pizza was created and sold at lunch. Today, forty years later,  at 12:00, a mass exodus still takes place as the local high school kids race each other to "Le Grand Saut" for the pizza slices offered at lunch time.                                                                                                
The "Little Pizza House" gradually grew into a restaurant that could house 40-45 people. People would line up on the street to get the Sunday special, which remains enormously popular to this day.            
The popularity of the Pizza House pizza comes from the special ingredients in the pizza sauce. The recipe is kept under lock and key and the spice mix is known only by the owner and made in a secret room within the restaurant.  
The current owner purchased the restaurant in 1991 with a dream to go big. In 2003 building started for the current location and "Le Grand Saut Ristorante", Home of the little Pizza House” was born. The name reflects the bilingual nature of the home where it resides, Grand Falls, which is the only officially bilingual town in the province of New Brunswick.
We hope you enjoy your dining experience, as much as we have over the many years this restaurant has been serving the town of Grand Falls and the many people who return from away, year after year.