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Chicken Brochette

Marinated chicken, green and red peppers, onions 18

Chicken Parmigiana

Breaded Milanse-style chicken breast, baked with marinara sauce & 2 cheeses  22

Atlantic Salmon Filet (4oz)

With creamy pesto sauce 21

Haddock au Gratin

White cheese sauce, lemon, butter, bread crumbs 21

BBQ Baby-Back Ribs

Sweet & smokey sauce 21


Today’s Cut 

Consult your server concerning the cut and price 34

Shrimps & Scallops Platter

Grilled with garlic butter 31

Your choice of two sides:

Baked Potato, Rice Pilaf, Mash Potatoes, Fries, Sweet Fries + $2.00, Rustic Salad, Caesar Salad or Vegetables.


Complete your meal with one of these house favourites

Sauteed Mushrooms & Onions 3
Garlic Shrimp 8
Cheese & Bacon on Baked Potato 5
Rich Beef Gravy 1
Creamy Feta Dip  1

Our Degrees of Doneness

Blue Rare  -  Seared on the outside, completely red throughout
Rare  -  Seared outside and still red 75% through the centre
Medium Rare  -  Medium Rare - Seared outside with 50% red centre
Medium  -  Seared outside 25% pink showing inside
Medium Well  -  A slight hint of pink in centre
Well Done  -  Grilled until 100% brown

Taxes not included.